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#116 – Leaving Paradise . . . and It’s Okay

It’s time to go home.

A week away from the cell phone, driving/traffic, emails, homeschool, daily routine (chores, cooking, laundry), and just the daily grind has been delightful.

Delightful I say!

And I owe it all to this man right here because he made it possible (with the assistance of his wonderful parents). Thank you! I needed this vacation and I am thankful that I was able to wait for it.

It hasn’t been easy living away from what I knew for 38 years to be “normal.” It hasn’t been easy to not have the resources I grew to depend on and at times rely upon. It also hasn’t been easy to go through our trials without the support of close family and friends who understand, because our situation makes it so few people truly understand what we are going through and WHY we keep allowing it to happen to us.

Because it’s okay. It’s not okay for everyone to live this way but I’m learning that it IS okay for us. And that feels good.

We ended our luxurious vacation with a special dinner last night at the hotel restaurant.

Then this morning we treated ourselves to a hot stone foot massage (complete with painted toenails for me) and a FANTASTIC lunch at Rumors in Tamarindo, before heading back to San Jose, Costa Rica. This drink was delicious!!!

Both Paul and I are relaxed and feeling recharged. It isn’t easy heading back into the unknown but we are profoundly grateful to have been blessed with this short reprieve.

We are both determined to make some needed changes within ourselves, our marriage and our family, in hopes to make our time on earth more joyful for us and those around us.

We have experienced a tender mercy. For this we are deeply thankful and grateful to the God who created us all. This was a good experience. I’m very pleased.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. You made our journey sweeter.

Love you!

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