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#120 – FHE = Family Home Evening – Whitti Wendi
Wendi's Daily Blog

#120 – FHE = Family Home Evening

I’m so grateful for the many changes that we have made together as a family.

I am SO THANKFUL that the Lord compelled us to obey the admonition to hold FHE 4 years ago. It first came from a talk by Sister Linda Reeves who expressed deeply and profoundly that NOTHING is more important to do in a week than Family Prayer, Scripture Study, Attend Sacrament Meeting and have Family Home Evening. Everything else after that is “extra.”


I was deeply hit with the truth of what she was saying and made it my personal goal to face my fears of holding FHE and learn to do it each week. But it wasn’t easy. One obstacle after another presented itself. The kids acted up or people stopped by unexpectedly, which delayed FHE, or made it so frustrating, that it became painfully difficult to try to do it again the next week.

The next issue was getting to bed at a decent time. The kids started to take advantage of FHE and were staying up later than Paul and I could handle. It was causing frustration and angst between Paul and I because the kids getting good sleep was still very important to Paul but not as important as FHE was to me. We needed to find a healthy compromise but I didn’t know what to do about it until the following General Conference gave me the answers I was looking for!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


> Feasting on the word of God each day is more important than sleep, school, work, television shows, video games, or social media. ~ Elder Richard G. Scott

Elder Scott has ALWAYS had a soft place in my heart (he always reminded me of Punky Brewster’s adopted Dad). I have loved this man, and the way he speaks to the people, as long as I have had the privilege to know him. So this quote was more than the answer **I** NEEDED., it was love and help from Heaven to access the courage I needed to keep standing up for and trying to work at FHE, Family scripture study and family prayer NO MATTER what obstacles we might face or how busy/how late it may get in a day.

***And with that courage and action, we were “okayed” to move to Costa Rica. ***

I still remember receiving the confirmation that we “***could*** finally move” to Costa Rica but only because we had established these principles in our home first. Now, looking back over the 3+ years we have lived in Costa Rica, and the countless FHE lessons we have shared (as well as meals with scripture study included at the end), I can see the **abundance** of learning and growth that my family has enjoyed! Truly this is priceless and something I could never have created in any other way!!

We have been ABUNDANTLY blessed, just as Sister Linda S. Reeves and Elder Richard G. Scott promised. Follow the prophet and we won’t go astray!

Thanks for listening,

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