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From #121 to #208 = Starting a New Post Count . . . – Whitti Wendi
Wendi's Daily Blog

From #121 to #208 = Starting a New Post Count . . .

This is actually post number #208!

“Yep! It’s the truth!”

I actually decided a few weeks ago, after reading that a favorite blogger of mine had hit 1000 posts, that I should really start counting ALL of my past posts. . . especially if I am going to keep on blogging.  I could feel the start of another goal coming on and after realizing that 1000 posts takes years, I felt a sense of peace and joy wash over me that “I can do this.  Just one post at a time and I could accomplish this goal too!”


Remember this post?  It would actually be my 100th post!! I still adore the story that I linked there!  Now with some fun motivation, I still struggled to sit down and count how many posts I have actually completed from day one to the present. . .   UNTIL TODAY!!!!!


I missed the Temple Training Session this morning (did I mention that I was called and set-apart to be a restricted temple worker a few weeks ago?) so I figured it must be a “catch-up” day for me.  I need one of these at least once a week and I can’t remember if I got one last week?  Not finding the time to take care of myself and the things that matter to me can start to create havoc in my life, thus the accumulation of stress and worry.  So, today I am playing catch-up and I FINALLY counted how many posts I have PUBLISHED.


In all honesty, I have created 240 posts in total but I have not published them all.  I have wondered if I will one day go back and re-read some of my drafts and maybe post them one day.  Some of them were just too tender to post at the time.  Maybe now they might be okay?  Or maybe in a few months or a couple more years.  Just know that there are more posts out there and hopefully even more that have still not even been created!



Do you like my new “logo”?



(LOOK up at the top of your screen – if you are not on your phone – and find my little logo on the internet tab for this page). 


El Gringo saw that I didn’t have one for people to easily find my bookmark on their bookmark bar, so he sat down and created one for me yesterday. He is practicing Graphic Design!!  I am so grateful El Gringo did this for me because one day (sooner than I probably realize) he won’t be living with us anymore but I will be able to look at this “logo” and say, “Hey, my kiddo made that for me. I sure do love him and he sure does love me!”


Some fun statistics from my blog:

My Freakishly Viewed Post “On the Road to Escazu” with 579 views.

Highest View Post – “Family Favorite Meals #2” with 64 views (but that might be GingerSnap looking it up so she can finish making her recipe book for a Young Women’s Project?)

Second Highest Viewed Post – “Throwback Thursday . . . Our House Remodel” with 52 views.

Third Highest Viewed Post – “Good News” with 51 views.

My First Post back in August 2012.

One of my most touching posts from when we had just moved here in 2015.



Well, that’s a wrap for today.  Thanks for your patience with this blog and for the kind remarks that you leave either in the comments (which I love to read – thanks Allison!) or by email.  You’re the best readers!  Love you!


Thanks for listening,

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