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#226 – Simple Beauty

Today was a great day! After a good family scrubbing of the daily living space of our home, think kitchen/dining room/living room spaces, we set out to complete our second-to-last day of homeschooling this year. It has been a rough last month, to say the least! Monday, I unexpectedly spent the day revamping our homeschool… Read More #226 – Simple Beauty

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#225 – The BEST Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies I Have Ever Made!

You know those box cake mixes that you can magically turn into the yummiest cookies?       Well this isn’t that kind of cookie.  I actually don’t like those cookies very much. They seem pasty, dense and almost like you are just eating flour and liquid baked into a ball.  So when Joy Boy asked… Read More #225 – The BEST Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies I Have Ever Made!

Wendi Thinks

#220 – Vulnerable

I am feeling particularly beautiful today.    Maybe it’s the way my hair’s natural curl flowed on top of my head, creating an artistic frame for my face as I dutch braided the rest of my hair, away from my face, into a pony tail that had some curl left in the ends of my… Read More #220 – Vulnerable