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#212 – The Wedding!

One of our dearest friends recently got married.


This is Spencer and his beautiful wife, Sofia Stahle . . . the best people make the most gorgeous couples!!

It was a real treat to be invited to sit at the table of honor with the Groom’s family that had flown in from the United States for the celebration.  Our kids were the only children invited to attend the marriage ceremony, other than the nephew of the Bride.

Our family truly felt honored to be a part of this wonderful dream come true for our friend Spencer!! Paul was even asked by Spencer to share a few words in English so that those who don’t understand Spanish at all (his family), or very well (that one was for me!), could be a part of the moment too!

Paul felt inspired to have our family sing “Families Can Be Together Forever,” since the Bride’s Bishop had shared that same message (in Spanish) with all those who were in attendance. The Spirit was felt in the room and we were grateful we could add something unique and positive to their special day.

The marriage ceremony in Costa Rica is actually quite serious. Only an attorney with permission from Costa Rica can perform the marriage ceremony and this only happens after a 30 minute “lecture” on the responsibilities of being married. It is pretty intense but also pretty awesome too!!!

After the wedding ceremony, we were treated to a delicious Costa Rican breakfast, pictures with the Bride and Groom. . .

and then the most delicious cupcakes I have ever tasted in Costa Rica!!!! Seriously Sofia, who made them?

Then it was time to drive over to the temple for their temple sealing. This would be the icing on the cake to an already beautiful day!  (This is a photo of the cupcake holder.  Curly Cook had a ball using it to “put a ring on her own finger.”)

The temple sealing was absolutely perfect!!! The Spirit tenderly whispered that loved ones who had passed away were present and that prayers of faith had finally been answered. The Bride and Groom glowed with gratitude!


The temple grounds were especially lovely that day, so Joy Boy was immensely happy while taking photos of the flowers as we enjoyed watching the Bride and Groom have their photos taken with their family and friends.     


After pictures were taken, we headed home for a little rest before joining the Bride, Groom and his family later that night for a celebration dinner.  This would be his family’s last night in Costa Rica, as they were to return back to the States the next morning.  Again we felt honored to be invited to another tender moment shared with our friend Spencer.  This truly was a dream come true for him and we were present to witness it all happen for him!

I loved feeling the joy and happiness in the private dining room at the restaurant as we all talked, laughed, ate and listened to one another share stories around the table. This moment was PURE JOY for me!!! Everyone felt a connection and bonds were made. Especially for Joy Boy and the Groom’s brother Heath, they totally connected. Heath so happens to be a 5th grade teacher in Las Vegas, so it didn’t surprise me that the two of them hit it off so easily!!

We ALL had a DELIGHTFUL time and ended the night with filled hearts, minds, and stomachs! We had delicious food at the Brazilian restaurant Picanha Grill. Thanks Guildo!

We all said good night and went home happily to our beds. It had been a magical day, well spent and well celebrated. I am SO THANKFUL to have been able to watch a dream come true!

Congratulations Spencer and Sofia! We love you!! 💗💗💗


Thanks for listening,

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