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#213 – The Power of Music

Last Sunday I had the awesome opportunity to briefly speak to 30 people with the help of my friend Ashley who translated for me.  She did a phenomenal job and I am deeply grateful to her for her sacrifice and support.  But one thing struck me . . . there was a noticeable change in the congregation when one word was spoken in the meeting.  That word was





Music has power.  I have written about this before but now I have proof.  As the meeting was planned, I had two opportunities to speak to the crowd.  The first opportunity was for me to speak on us all being children of God.  The second opportunity was on how we can use music in every aspect of Primary.  As I began to share my thoughts and feelings on this second subject, I was inspired to ask each member of the audience what their favorite Primary song was.


A hush came over the crowd as they pondered what that song was.   I closed my eyes and waited, on purpose, so that I could open my eyes and see if there was a difference in their countenances.


And there WAS!!!   


Every face looked different than before I mentioned their favorite song.  Each face had a light to it, as well as a happy grin or even a smile.  I shared with them what I saw and then I also was prompted to do a little impromptu of the effects that music can have in a noisy, disruptive environment.  As I acted out a disturbance, instead of getting upset with the invisible child, I began to hum “MY” favorite song . . . “Reverently Quietly.”


I sang the song to the very end but almost stopped several times because the room immediately had a thickness to it.  I didn’t know if it was me receiving too much attention from the crowd or if I was making a fool of myself, but once the song finished I KNEW what it was . . . I could FEEL the Holy Ghost supporting me!


The feeling was SO VERY STRONG in the room that I KNOW it could be felt by others too.  



After another round of impromptu singing with my translator (thanks for being a good sport Ashley), one of my counselors asked if she and her daughter could sing a song for the group.  I told her to do what she felt the Holy Ghost would have her do, so she invited her daughter to come up front with her.  They sang a beautiful rendition of “I See My Mother Kneeling.”  There were tears, as well as looks on people’s faces that answers to prayers were starting to come.  I was touched at the tangible power of this moment and felt that my prayers too had been answered.


I have had the opportunity to ponder for the last few days what happened last Sunday night and I have found that I have a testimony of this great gift that music can have in our lives, if good music is chosen.  I truly testify that if we will make the conscious choice to choose good and beautiful music, we CAN change the Spirit in our homes, as well as in our very souls.


Here is my go-to music option.


I am grateful to have been given the opportunity, over 33 years ago, to learn of the power that good and beautiful music can have in my life.  I had a FANTASTIC Primary chorister growing up, Bonnie Jeppson, who not only taught me that music can be fun and express our happiest of emotions, but it can also see us through our darkest days.  May you also turn to good and beautiful music when you need more light in your life.  I leave this brief testimony on the power of music with you, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Thanks for listening,


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  • Allison Owen

    This made me cry! I love that you followed the Spirit and were able to create an amazing learning experience for all involved! There is power in music! Thanks for sharing!

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