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#223 – Guess What?!?!?

It FINALLY happened!!!!!!!!!  After a LONG . . . 


of cabin-fever, savings drained, hopes deflated, trust-button breaking, patience growing, “look on the bright side” making, learn to take Uber everywhere you are going, “Can’t stand to look at another Pathfinder” thinking, learning what is MOST important, striving for hope filled months, we FINALLY . . . .



got our Family Vehicle BACK!!!!!!!!!



We can now fit 7 people into ONE CAR!!!!  It is TRULY a miracle for us and we aren’t shy to share it.



But first, we had to remove gross MOLD that had grown all throughout the car from it not being used for such a long time.  Yuck!  DOUBLE YUCK!!!   Sadly, for you science/nature enthusiasts, we did NOT take a picture of it.  That stuff just creeps me out and makes my skin immediately itch and burn.  Thankfully Paul took the car right after we received it to a FANTASTIC car wash, in Belen/Lindora area, that offers HOT WATER STEAM WASHING!!!!!!!!  We are SO GRATEFUL to them for not only doing a SUPERB job but for also taking care of us the very next day!  Thank you Autolavado Zayza!



After the deep wash, we parked the car over night in our garage so we could leave the windows open and allow the dehumidifier (the black box pictured above) to hopefully dry out the car.  We were also very blessed, since it is officially rainy season, to NOT get any rain for a few days, thus allowing the car to air out completely!

We have officially been using our family car for 1 week.  I am trying to take it all in slowly and just enjoy each day as it comes.  There are MANY squeaks and squeals to the car, since it sat still for 8 months AND since it has a BRAND NEW ENGINE in it, that we get to break in ourselves.  We are hopeful to break it in fully before our emissions are due the end of July.  So I guess we need to keep driving around and enjoying the sites of Costa Rica once again . . .



while having the kids snap shots of cool names like “Guachipelin” (pronounced: wash-ee-pay-lean).  Crazy name, huh!  But I LOVE IT!  It is one of my FAVORITE names in Costa Rica and I LOVE to say it (even though I don’t say it completely correctly yet, but I don’t mind practicing!).


***  Thank You!!  ***


Paul, myself and our kiddos want to thank ALL of you for your constant prayers and encouragement to see us through this ordeal of ours.  Yes, this can happen to anyone but when you do all you can to fix something, only to have it not work over, and over, and over, and over, and over (you get the drift), and over again it can literally drive one CRAZY!!!  So keeping up our hopes was MORE than difficult and it hurt to have things not go our way, especially after applying all we knew to make things work out.


We are thankful to our FANTASTIC mechanic, Luis (Irene’s brother-in-law), who studiously trouble-shooted, analyzed, repaired, re-repaired, and rebuilt our ENTIRE ENGINE with his own two hands.  We are so thankful to him for not giving up on us, especially when we wanted to, and for doing the kind of work that is undoubtably HIS BEST WORK!  A person truly can’t ask for any more than that.



Well, maybe a cute kid to go out to lunch with?!?!


“Not funny, MOM!!”


Thanks for listening,


**  All photos used in this blog post, that are not mine, are linked to the site where they were found off of Google.  But I do not support these sites nor do I encourage you to use them.  I only reference them for proper credit of where I found the photos.  Please be careful what they offer or teach. 


  • Allison Owen

    Hooray!!!! This is exciting news! I’m so happy for you all! As for the name on the sign. Nope, that’s not even close to how I tried to pronounce it! Wow!

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