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I love it when my kids react differently to the same experience. It helps me remember that we are all very unique and different people, even in a family. Curly Cook found a “gross and icky bug” 🐛 on Joy Boy’s rusty, hand-me-down bike. Joy Boy thought the bug was SUPER cool and even knew… Read More Bugs

Adventures, Costa Rica, Family

The Cenada

I woke up today and decided to join Paul and the littlest ones on their bi-weekly trip to our favorite Farmer’s Market, The Cenada. I asked Joy Boy to document our trip. Enjoy! He is one talented photographer! Paul treated Curly Cook and I to a Pipa Fría (Cold Coconut water). It was yummy! We… Read More The Cenada

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This morning I woke up late! It was a late night for us . . . 12:45 a.m. (hence the reason not blog post for yesterday). So I slept in until 8:35 a.m. I felt so bad for Paul and my friend Fran, because they both HAD to wake up early for work. I had… Read More Reminders

Wendi Thinks

Blood Moon

Sunday night, Paul woke up at 11:20 p.m. and took pictures of the coolest moon. They are calling it a blood moon. I was too tired to wake up and see it for myself. Another one won’t come to North and South America until 2022. Ooops!! Thanks for taking the pictures Paul! This is so… Read More Blood Moon

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The Haircut

Today is Curly Cook’s birthday and she wanted to do something special! She decided to cut her hair!!! Her hair is actually pretty long. It is even longer than GingerSnap’s hair but because of the curl, you wouldn’t know this. Curly Cook just FELT that she needed a change. So I prayed about it too… Read More The Haircut