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The Desk

I am so very proud of Paul.

He is such a “go getter!” type of person. Instead of sleeping in, hanging out watching tv/movies, or just laying around doing nothing during his break between jobs, he is putting his time to good use.

He has been creating a new desk for himself to use in our library. With his new job starting next week, he will be working at home one day a week. So he is making himself a nice work space. The desk is made of steel and he has welded each piece of this desk, as well as grinding it down to a smooth surface, then sanding off the black to a shiny finish.

He will top it off with a glass top. I’m excited to see the finished product! But I’m more excited to see what his new job will add to his life. Paul is the hardest working man that I know! I couldn’t ask for a better husband or provider for our family. He is also a very talented and generous father. He gives and gives and gives with all he has.

Thank you Paul! Your example means everything to me! Happy New Year to YOU!


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