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Sweet Words

I have the sweetest boy!

This kid makes me so happy. He brings so much love into our home and he desires to help others feel loved, especially when they are suffering or feeling out of sorts. I love his tenderness and his respect for our Father in Heaven’s laws. He does all he can to exemplify the good in this life.

The poem that he wrote today for his homeschool lesson is a great example of this sweet boy’s heart and mind. It is called, “Baby Birds”.

“Baby birds, so cute and sweet.

Want to fly and tweet and tweet.

They never ever learned to fly,

But soon will under Mommy’s eye.”

I love Joy Boy’s whit and love for a good life! He makes me happy!

And so does Jenny Phillip’s “Good and Beautiful” homeschool curriculum. I LOVE that she teaches my children to not only seek the good and the beautiful in our lives, but to go out and live it!

So Joy Boy did just that! Way to go kiddo! I am so proud of you!



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