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Family Movie Night

Today was a great day!

The family cleaned up Christmas, while I gave everyone haircuts. Then we prepared to feed the 4 Elders in our branch lunch tomorrow by setting the dining room table with fancy china and preparing the food to be ready to eat, right after church.

After cleaning the house, the kids had some down time with technology for an hour. Then we went for a swim, while Paul had his very first Whitti Tours business meeting. After a nice, hot shower (thank heaven for water heaters! and water heater repair technicians!) the kids and I got ready for family movie night!

It is a tradition that we have to watch a family movie the night we fast dinner in preparation for Fast Sunday. In Costa Rica we feed the missionaries lunch, so we fast dinner Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning. Watching a movie helps us keep our minds off our hunger and focused more on being together.

But before we could watch our movie, we had our “FSPS Time” (Family Song, Prayer, and Scripture). We also discussed the last topic for the first week of the new “Come, Follow Me Individual and Family Curriculum” from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We already LOVE this program because we are already experiencing some really positive and hopeful affects on our family.

I am also thankful for additional changes made in our temples and with the youth of our church. So much change; I never knew it could be this good!!!

Now off to bed! Happy Sabbath everyone!

Love always,

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