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My Owl City Loving Child – Whitti Wendi
Wendi's Daily Blog

My Owl City Loving Child

It first started with El Gringo, he LOVED listening to Owl City in Junior High.

He even choreographed a touching dance to “On The Wing”. Sadly he wouldn’t let me record it but I can say that it made me cry it was so well done. His choreography, combined with the music, made me feel so much emotion and tenderness. I miss those days. Remember kids?!?

Once we moved to Costa Rica, Owl City almost immediately became music that the entire family liked to listen to. Thankfully several albums came out in a row, so we had PLENTY of listening music for long rides or TERRIBLE Lindora traffic.

(Our favorite song in this album here.)

But then over night, GingerSnap feel in LOVE with Owl City as El Gringo “let it go.” So our family still has Owl City music playing in the background on long drives or just trips to the grocery store.

(This newest album is a favorite of us all! Our favorite song is this one!)

Owl City’s music is clean, uplifting, inspiring and I dare say, virtuous. I feel like he could be friends with my kids and I wouldn’t mind one bit. I might want to be friends with him too! How many music artists can you say that about?!?

(This is my favorite album! This is my favorite song!)

So for now, listen away GingerSnap. I hope Owl City is a music artist that you can trust and enjoy for a lifetime!

(GingerSnap in her Owl City Merchandise. She blogged about it here. She’s an even better blogger than I am; go check her blog out!)

Love ya,

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  • Allison Owen

    I guess I need to branch out more in my Owl City listening! I live Owl City but I’ve never heard My Everything! It is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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