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Off to SOY!

When you read this title, what did it make you think of?

Did it make you think that we are off to our favorite Asian restaurant? Or that we are off to search for the best brand of soy sauce? Or that we are off to visit a place called SOY?

Well, if you guessed the last choice, you are 1/5th correct. Someone is visiting SOY but it is only one of us. It’s GingerSnap’s turn to brave the wild frontier of YOUTH CONFERENCE!

In Central America they call Youth Conference “SOY.” I thought it meant “I am,” because that is what soy means in Spanish, so I thought the name was pretty cool. But it actually stands for “Strength of Youth”, in English. You know, like “For the Strength of Youth” pamphlet?

Ya, I don’t get it. But that’s okay!

GingerSnap left this morning with her only other friend that is her age in our branch, Brian. He’s a nice kid. I’m glad she won’t be there completely alone. It looks like they were put into two different groups (yellow and gray), so that’s good. They both need to make some more friends.

One thing about SOY is that the ENTIRE country is invited to attend. Every Stake, District and Mission with kids GingerSnap’s age group is invited. You’d think that would be a TON of kids, but compared to Utah, it’s just a REALLY BIG Stake Conference for all kids 14-18.

Thankfully for GingerSnap, only 14-15 year olds are invited for her group. So it is a pretty good sized group, but not too much to handle, nor the mixing off older youth which can cause issues.

I think GingerSnap is going to have a good time. Yes, she is nervous to take ALL the classes in Spanish, and she is nervous to use her Spanish, but I think she might be surprised how well she does this week.

This girl is growing up SO FAST! She is super talented, a BIG help at home, and a hard worker. She deserves a nice break away from everyday life. I hope she finds it at SOY!

We’ll miss having you around GingerSnap. But we hope you have fun!!!



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