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“Sunrise, Sunset”

Tuesday evening, as I was rushing out the door to go on a Stake Primary visit, Paul walked by our bedroom window and saw THIS . . .

The sunrises and sunsets in Costa Rica are truly breathtaking. Paul saw this and said to himself, “I must take a picture. Wendi would want me to!”

Just look at those radiant colors!

Isn’t that sweet?

I thought so too!

But what Paul said got me thinking about an experience that I had had the other morning, while we were on our early morning walk together.

Paul and I “TRY” to go for a walk together as often as our life permits. My goal is to walk 3 days a week. So last Sunday, we set our alarms to wake up the next morning to go for a walk.

We woke up at our usual “walking” time of 4:50 a.m., but it was still SO DARK outside, we were both wondering if maybe our alarms were set wrong? But they weren’t. It is just that time of year that the days are shorter.

As we began to walk, I could clearly see the stars, and even a planet (the brightest star in the photo above). I couldn’t help but ask Paul to take a photo, or two.

I asked him to focus on the shadows in the photo, for they would frame the picture beautifully. He angled the phone’s camera, this way and that, until the right view came onto the screen and then “tap”, this moment was now mine forever.

As we continued our walk, around the private property that we live on, I realized that I was struggling to trust the road that we were walking on. It is a smoothly laid brick road, but it is also that time of year in Costa Rica when leaves and branches easily fall off of the trees, due to the strong winds that blow day and night. I didn’t want to trip or fall. THAT would NOT be good!

So to reassure myself, I told myself, “Wendi. You have walked this road dozens of times. You KNOW this road. Trust yourself. Just walk like you can see the sun, it will all be okay.  You’ll see.”

So I did. And I didn’t fall. But as my walk came to an end, and the sun began to rise, I realized an important principle. Faith.

“Faith is KNOWING the sun WILL RISE, lighting each new day!”

– “Faith“, Children’s Primary Songbook, page 96

This is what I did! I accessed the knowledge I had gained from my previous experiences, walking on this road with the sun’s help, allowing me to feel safe, comfortable, and encouraged to finish my walk that morning. Even though it was terribly dark, I KNEW that I could finish this walk. I trusted in my abilities, so I was willing to give this unknown experience a try.

Yes, I would have preferred having the sunrise along with my walk, but then I wouldn’t have seen these AMAZING views, with brilliant contrasts to light and color.

As the sun FINALLY began to rise, as we finished our walk, I think I began to understand why we NEED opposition in ALL THINGS. It is so important that we experience: light and dark, good and evil, pleasure and pain, joy and sadness, hope and despair, friendship and loneliness, heath and sickness . . .

so when we SEE the good, we can KNOW it is good . . . and that only ONE BEING can help us see such goodness. I love these days of my life. I LOVE that I am learning more and more about my Heavenly Father, my Savior, and the Holy Ghost. I love HOW They teach me, HOW They reach out to me, and HOW They NEVER give up on me!

So on days like today, when the storms of life are raging inside of me, I can take a DEEP breath and remind myself, “Wendi. You have walked this road dozens of times. You KNOW this road. Trust yourself.  Just walk like you can see ‘the Son’, it will all be okay.  You’ll see.”

All my love,

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