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Field-trip with Sarah

Today we took a field trip for the afternoon.

We visited a private park called Parque Laguna Fraijanes. We took a good friend of ours with us. We missed GingerSnap, who is still at SOY for one more night (we hope she is having fun).

We played a really fun game that I have never seen before. The idea is to stand on each stump and shoot an object through the tire. We used a light and soft volleyball. We all enjoyed it, especially Joy Boy who won.

We also walked by the lake (that many were fishing from), played volleyball, basketball, jumped rope, sat on the teeter-totters, slid down the long slide, played on the playground, and ate a fun picnic lunch. It was a good day!

Then we came home and made Chocolate Chip Cookies for our neighbors. We ate so many that we didn’t want to go out to dinner, as we had planned. Maybe tomorrow, when GingerSnap gets home? She LOVES eating out!

Now the kids are playing video games with their friend, Sarah, and I don’t mind. It feels good to have another person in the house, because I miss 😢 GingerSnap and El Gringo/aka Elder Whitchurch. I hope they both are having a good night! ☺️ I sure do love those kids! 🥰

Happy Weekend,

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