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Home from SOY

Well, she made it back home, safe but not quiet sound. She is covered in mosquito bites and dehydrated, but she had a BLAST!!

While I forced her to drink her dehydration drink, I got to listen to all her stories from SOY. I’m sure she only scratched the surface, so I look forward to her blogging more about it.

But this much I do know . . . Prayers were answered. For her and for those praying for her: she made friends, she felt a part of her company, she danced EVERY dance with every boy who asked her (I am MOST proud of this accomplishment, what a young lady she truly is!), and . . . SHE SPOKE Spanish ALL week!!!!!!!!!! What?!!! Where did that come from?

This was her “company” or the group she was with all week. Company #13x. She said she really enjoyed her company! Another blessing!

All I can say is that Miracles Do Happen! Now what to do with them?

Only time will tell.

We love you GingerSnap. We sure missed you while you were gone, and we are happy to have you home. But we are more happy that you had such an excellent experience! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Sincerely, 😉

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