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Babies, Sugar Cookies and Sleepovers – Whitti Wendi
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Babies, Sugar Cookies and Sleepovers

Today ended up being a delight!

These two have patiently waited for their turn to finally hold “the baby” at church. He is the baby of my Stake Primary Secretary, Johanna, as well as the baby of our Branch President. So this baby is special to our branch. Not to mention, he is the ONLY baby in our branch.

So this moment truly was a gift to my kiddos. We love you Santi!

After a yummy lunch of beef stroganoff, I made a batch of sugar cookies for an object lesson I would be teaching at a ward primary training meeting on “How to Teach with the Holy Ghost.” I brought watermelon frosting covered sugar cookies, on a silver platter and compared them to a few random snacks from my cupboard, served on a paper plate.

The sisters loved the comparison between teaching with the spirit and without! I loved that I had the help of the Holy Ghost, not only in what I was prompted to say, but in the gift of tongues used to help me listen and speak.

After our meeting, I invited my second counselor and dearest friend, Fran, and her daughter, Sarah, to our home for “7 Item Sunday.” This is a meal that we make most Sundays. All it requires is the emptying of the fridge and cupboards to make 7 different items to eat, like a buffet.

This is sometimes what I feel it looks like. This is a photo from a past RS potluck in my Belén ward. ☺️

Our “7 Item Sunday” looks very similar . . . But we usually eat: cheese and crackers, polish pickles, olives, fresh buttered popcorn, sliced apples with Nutella/peanut butter, a treat (cookies, dessert, ice cream), and something yummy to drink. Leftovers are also offered, as well as scrambled eggs on chalupas. Yum!

After dinner, FHE with the Whitchurch family in Utah, and some cheerful conversation, it was decided that Sarah should sleep over and try out Homeschool for the day with GingerSnap tomorrow.

So we found some pj’s and now we are all off to bed. For a day that started out panicky and stressful, it sure did turn out extra delightful! 💕

I must agree!! For I have no other way to explain how a day that started out like today, could have turned out SO delightful!

Happy Sabbath!

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  • Allison Owen

    First of all 7 item Sunday sound so perfect for a Sunday evening! Great idea! Also, thank you for the quote at the end. It really struck me that the last two Sunday’s have been much more “delightful” than they have in the past! I am grateful for an inspired prophet!

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