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We FINALLY got photos!!!

Oh how it makes my mother’s heart feel good to SEE my son’s face and be able to look into his eyes and know if he really is okay.

Paul helped us figure out how to open Elder Whitchurch’s photos tonight as our “family activity.” I’m so grateful that my husband knows these things!! 😘🥰

It was fun to see Elder Whitchurch getting a treat with his companion on P-day.

Or even acting in a way that we don’t normally see him act. (Rent money?)

I’m proud of him for being brave to live somewhere he has never lived before, and in a way he has never lived.

And for being proud of what he is doing!! (I LOVE this picture!!!!!!!!!!).

Bottom line is . . . I’m proud of my kiddo for doing what he is doing with his life! So, I am very happy to support him, pray for him throughout the day, and hope for him with all my heart.

I guess this is great practice for when he is truly living on his own, married and hopefully raising his own family! Because I sure do hope for at least 12 more people to be added to this picture one day!!!

That’s MY hope-filled goal for 2040!!!

Love always,

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  • Allison Owen

    Yay for pictures!!! He looks so good! I can’t believe you got a “tag” picture already! Some moms have to beg for it 🙂 and that’s a good one! I love your goal for 2040 too! ❤️

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