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Learning to Paint and Draw – Whitti Wendi
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Learning to Paint and Draw

I was sitting on the couch, listening to Joy Boy read out loud to me, when I looked over and saw my unfinished Mount Olympus staring at me.

I have had a goal to complete all four seasons of my favorite Mt. Olympus for over two years, but I have yet to complete this goal. (That is “Spring”, unfinished, on the left, and “Winter”, finished, on the right)

I think I’m intimidated. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I don’t know why? Maybe because I plan to hang up the paintings and enjoy them, but I already know that not everyone will think that they were done well. Then I read this quote. . .

This is so true because I LOVE what is happening in my family. Never before could I have guessed that my kids were artists. And because of our homeschool environment, we are ALL being encouraged to discover the beauty of creating art in our own, unique ways.

Curly Cook – Pencil drawings

Joy Boy – pencil drawing (made upside down)

GingerSnap – pencil drawings

But it hasn’t come easy to us!

We have had to push through our doubts, comparisons, and awkward beginnings.

And then the most beautiful creations have come . . .

Curly Cook – with markers

Joy Boy – watercolor

GingerSnap – watercolor

My kid’s art inspires me to not just sit and scroll Facebook, or busy myself with too many distractions, but to instead TRY to develop a talent. No matter how difficult it might be at first.

Learning pencil thicknesses and the watercolor color wheel.

We need to open our eyes to so many possibilities that might come from what we are doing. We have no idea what can actually happen, we just need to try!

And then don’t be ashamed to show it once you are finished, because you never know whom you might inspire to go and create something themselves!

Like Paul’s new desk!!! It’s finished! And it is a beautiful work of art for us to enjoy in our library. I wonder whom it will inspire first?

I am truly grateful to be a member of a church that encourages its members to “seek learning and growth.” Our home is filled with things we have created with our very own hands, and they stand as witnesses to others that there is something inside of them, just waiting to come out, if only they too would “just try!”

So get out there! Go try something that has interested you but you haven’t taken the time to try. You might just make the world a better place for doing it!

Like Bob Ross! I love this guy!

Happy creating!!!

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  • Allison Owen

    Bob Ross!!!! What a guy! I love the Happy Accidents quote! I just finished a T-shirt quilt for Alyssa this week! It is so far from perfect but I am proud of it and I hope she likes it! (I’ll send you a pic!)

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