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Blood Moon

Sunday night, Paul woke up at 11:20 p.m. and took pictures of the coolest moon.

They are calling it a blood moon. I was too tired to wake up and see it for myself. Another one won’t come to North and South America until 2022. Ooops!!

Thanks for taking the pictures Paul! This is so cool!



  • Allison Owen

    Those are great pics of it! It was the Super Blood Wolf Moon! My kids were fascinated by the eclipse! We have a cheap telescope but it worked good to get some close up views! How fun to think Paul saw it too thousands of miles away!!

    • Wendi

      Paul said that was what it was called but I thought he meant they were only it that in Costa Rica, so I didn’t want to say it. Super Blood Wolf Moon, sounds very “Twilight-ish”.

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