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Dulce Tea and Water Slides – Whitti Wendi
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Dulce Tea and Water Slides

Today was a SUPER FUN day for our family!

    We got away from the cRaZy winds attacking our home!
    We attended a super fun birthday party in Orotina for our friend. He is SO TWO!!
    We took a break from the stress of daily life and went with the swing of things.
    We ran into a friend of a friend. Irene is so sweet!
    We saw how Dulce Tea sugar is actually made. It is a popular hot drink among members of our church. It was a very cool process to watch, but I still don’t like the flavor of boiled sugar cane.
    We decided to try out a water slide park for a couple of hours and we loved it!!! I especially loved the discounted rate and afternoon sun, because we entered the park so close to closing hours. Everyone else loved the “toilet bowl” slide. (I wouldn’t even give it a try.)
    We even had leftover time to: throw in a load of laundry, give haircuts, have FSP/CFM, take showers, and relax a bit before bed.
  • It has been a FULL DAY!
  • One of the best!
  • I feel so thankful!

Happy Saturday,

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