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#TBT – March 21, 2018 – The First #114

I’m going to start something new! I have been reading my old drafts and I have decided that some of them really should be on the blog. Sadly, their entry dates will be chronologically out of order, but with the #ThrowbackThursday = #TBT hashtag, I should be able to keep these somewhat organized. This will also give me the chance to repent and include past stories that I was too nervous to share at the time, but would love to remember in the future. Enjoy!

#114 – Springs of Hope and Energy

Well, Seminary is in FULL SWING again, and you know what that means.



No, not more sunrises. 

It is still dark until 5:40 a.m. right now.  But it does mean Personal Spiritual Time from 4:55 – 5:55 a.m., Monday thru Friday.



Besides writing in my journal and keeping track of how I have used my days each week, I also like to take a minute and open up this fun app on my iPhone called Notes.



This is where I have started a little note that I continue adding to, when inspired.  I call it my “Thankful List” and I have had to start a new note because the first one started to lag when I opened it.  I find that it only takes a few minutes to jot down one tender mercy that I have seen in my life.  Then, when life gets hard, I have something to look back on and remind myself that “this too shall pass” and “the Lord is ALWAYS with you” because “This is [His] work and [His] glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” – Moses 1:39


I thought that I would share one of the MANY tender mercies that I have jotted down.  


                                                                                    From left to right:  Temple Recorder (I don’t know his name but he is THE NICEST GUY!  He finds my completed temple cards and personally brings them to me whenever he sees me. WOW!), Elder and Sister Mullinax (Mission Doctor from Utah), President and Sister Mesa (Temple President), Sister and President Rivera (Temple Counselor), Sister and Elder Harlan (Temple Missionaries from Utah).  On couch: President and Sister Sparks (Temple Counselor – Arizona)

3/16/18: I am thankful to have Temple missionaries while we have lived in Costa Rica. Although it has been difficult to not have the traditional ward membership, the Temple missionaries and Elders/Sisters have filled that void in our hearts nicely. I am honored that we were blessed to have our Savior’s friends as our friends. Yesterday, the Sparks invited us to lunch at Smash Burgers (City Mall) as a family. Paul took off work and we carpooled (since we don’t have a family car). It was a WONDERFUL time and they even patiently waited as the kids shopped for a few things. Wow!!! We have been so blessed to even have them. They are being replaced with Ticos, and only one gringo couple will remain in the temple after July (Taylor’s). The Harlan’s leave in June and the Pratt’s leave in July, and the Sparks leave the day after conference. Oh boy!!! It will be interesting to see how they treat English Visitors and how they will treat me . . . if we remain? I see us staying until [El Gringo] leaves on his mission. . . I’m thankful for all the missionaries we have had the opportunity to know and love!


Haws – AZ

Jackman’s – ?

Bolander’s – WY (2 missions since we first came to CR – first workers, then Temple Counselor)

Craig’s – Lehi, Utah (Temple Pres.)

Cahoon’s- Canada

Patterson’s- AZ

Sparks – AZ (2 missions while we have been here – first workers, then Temple Counselor)

Rivera’s – Costa Rica (Temple counselor)

Maughn’s – Lehi, Utah (Betsy & Richard)

Harlan’s – South Jordan, UT

Taylor’s – AZ

Mesa’s – Costa Rica (Temple Pres.)



Pres. Wilkinson and family – Saratoga Springs, UT

S. Pizza – Columbia

S. Tripp – St. George, UT

S. Haggard – So. Dakota

Pres. and Sister Laboriel – Honduras

S. Holmes – AZ (Elijah & Kimber’s favorite)

S. Miriel – Mexico

S. Loza – Columbia (Lexi’s favorite)

E. Zibin – Toronto, Canada

E. Kirk – East High, SLC, UT

E. Pache – Argentina (Garrett’s favorite)

E. Post – Heber, UT

S. Bass – UT

S. Varela – Honduras (challenge)

S. Hansen – UT (emergency leave, re-assigned to Texas)

Elder and Sister Pratt – Idaho

E. Escobar – Guatemala (Hilacha dinner*)

E. Medrano – El Salvador

E. Lopez – Mexico

E. Ferufino – Honduras

E. Carion- Honduras

E. Parma – Uruguay (Tall Latin)

E. Muñoz – (short missionary – greenie)

Elder & Sister Mullinax – UT, USA (Mission Doctor)

E. Latu – New Zealand

E. Gibson – So. Colorado


Taking a few moments each day, while in the moment, and recording a blessing that I see in our present lives will serve a MUCH BETTER history for our family in the future, than reading a journal full of woes, heart-ache, fear, suffering, doubt and anxiety.  I do share the concerns I have in my daily journal but instead of fretting, I choose to trust that ALL THINGS ARE FOR OUR GOOD and that there is a reason for everything in our lives – NO COINCIDENCES!   

I’m grateful for the little things that really do make the BIGGEST differences in our daily lives . . . and thus our future happiness.


Thanks for listening,



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