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Attack #2

So, it happened again!

Despite these great pills doing their thing, I had another Kidney Stone attack tonight. Although I am feeling concerned for my future health, I feel surrounded by loving support and a feeling of hope is with me.

It helps that despite my health problems this weekend, my kids have had a BLAST visiting Alice. We have thoroughly enjoyed our visit with her and truly appreciate her hospitality! Especially keeping the kids busy doing amazing things . . . Like going on a zip line/repelling canopy tour with the assistance of Kevin and Gabby.

Afterward we all enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Canopy Tour’s restaurant. I felt privileged to be healthy enough to come along for the drive and visit with Alice, while waiting for everyone to come back to us. We had a lovely time and enjoyed the beautiful view!

The kids haven’t gone zip lining in quite awhile, and this was Joy Boy and Curly Cook’s first time repelling . . . and they liked it!

This all happened yesterday. We came home exhausted and I felt good enough that I stopped drinking so much water. We went out to eat at a wonderful restaurant with a spectacular view of San Isidro called Ricard2 (think about it!). Then we came home and finished watching “My Fair Lady” and went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep.

Then we woke up and I drove us all to church. But I felt nauseous and faint at church. I made it through sacrament meeting, and thankfully felt strong enough to stay for Primary with Curly Cook.

Just look at this little girl stare at Curly Cook. She was so fascinated by her speaking English with the other little girl from Utah. I couldn’t help but wonder what she must have been thinking.

After church we enjoyed company at Alice’s house (this little blonde girl and her family were invited to come). But after they left, and the night set in, my kidney flared up! Ouch!!!!

Thankfully Kevin and Alice had already gotten me some pain medicine from the pharmacy (liquid, yuck!). But it works great! Still, I KNEW it wouldn’t be enough. I needed a muscle relaxer.

I called the pro of kidney stones, my Dad, and he said to get “Flowmax.” Thankfully Kevin found it and got it for me. It was rather cheap, 7 mil ($11.44). Less than $2 a pill. I don’t think I could get medicine like this in the USA for that cheap.

BUT. . .

I can’t take it and drive for 24 hours. 😱😫😔

So I called Paul and we decided to fly him out in the morning, so he can drive me and the kids home. I hope we can fit everything in the car. 🤷🏻‍♀️ We had it pretty full! But this is what love and living are all about: sacrifices, change of plans, and hope.

So now I’m just waiting for my muscle relaxer to kick in, so I can FINALLY go to sleep. We’ll see what tomorrow brings but hopefully tonight brings some relief. 😬🤞🏻

Happy Sunday,

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