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Being Creative During Recovery

Hey everyone! It’s been exactly one month since I had my first kidney stone attack. I finally had it surgically removed last Thursday evening, but the recovery has been borderline scary.

My poor body has a negative reaction to the anesthesia and drugs that they pumped into me, but I am started to feel more like myself tonight. So much so, I finally began working on a fun project I have been invited to participate in. . . The Quilt Block Exchange.

I finally found the look that I wanted for my quilt block. I happened to drive by this very truck last Wednesday, with my visiting friend from the United States, Jaime. We actually turned around and took a picture because I knew it was what I had been looking for! Then we got out and bought 3 pineapples and a cantaloupe for under $4.00.

I not only LOVE what this picture says about the way we have gotten our fruit in Costa Rica, but I will now remember WHO was with me when I took this photo.

I started on a rough draft drawing tonight, which is helping me get excited for the sketching, planning, pattern making process tomorrow and Friday. I hope to buy the fabric I need this weekend and get going on building the blocks next week. I have until May 1st to complete 20 quilt blocks. I know with my family’s help that we can get it done!

This is our WhatsApp Group Chat!

Although this last month has been physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually challenging, I know that THIS project was created to help me have something positive and uplifting to do, while I get back onto my feet again. I needed a purpose and something positive to add to my future. What a great way to do both!

Thanks Katherine! 😘

Happy Wednesday,

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