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Frog Dollar Auction

We had a fun weekend! Thankfully my body was blessed to be able to participate too, because I had a wonderful time watching my kids have so much fun!

Paul’s company had their annual “Frog Dollar Auction”, where the employees got to bid on selected items and pay for them with “good job” dollars they earned throughout the year. Lunch is provided, as well as a handful of fun activities: swimming, Zumba, football (soccer) game, karaoke, face painting, water slide bounce house for little kids, pool table, dancing, mingling, unlimited beverages, and plenty of delicious foods to eat (including yummy snow cones🍧)!

Families are invited and encouraged to attend. The kids had a blast playing in the pool with a variety of toys at their disposal. Joy Boy loved the hand-powered paddle boats.

All three of the kiddos enjoyed the giant rolling bubble tube.

GingerSnap loved playing with a co-worker’s sons. They are actually family friends from church too!!

GingerSnap especially loved smooshing all over their baby!

As for me, I loved watching the artist paint on the children. She is the best face paint artist I have ever seen!

Curly Cook loved the final result!

So much so, she convinced her siblings to get one too. Joy Boy asked if she could paint a spider on his arm. She came up with this cool design. Kind of SpiderMan-ish.

GingerSnap also chose to paint her arm. She loved the little details that the artist put into her work. I loved the trailing leaves down her fingers! That was a detail GingerSnap requested. Pretty cool!

And since big brother and sister painted their arms, Curly Cook painted her arm too. So beautiful!

But then it was time to go swimming, so ALL the paint was washed away, before they jumped into pool. We sure are grateful for cameras!

The kids and Paul also had fun learning about how a D.J. table works. (Especially Joy Boy!)

Oh the wonderful things a family gets to do, all because we are striving to live life to its fullest. Yes, that means it will be filled with ups and downs, and everything in between. But no matter what may come, we can look back and SEE that we lived, we learned, we loved, and we were loved, and THIS is what life is truly all about!

Happy Sunday,

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