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No Power

Tonight was a bit different. We have no power.

Paul had his Stake Presidency meetings, GingerSnap and Joy Boy got to play “Just Dance” on the Wii for YM/YW’s (their church youth group). So Curly Cook and I snuggled up on the couch to do our “Mom and Me” time, when the power went out!

No worries, Curly Cook ran and got her IPad, and I used the flashlight on my iphone. Curly Cook got Peaches 🦅 out of her cage, to provide her comfort from the dark house. 😉

Tonight we finished reading Elder Whitchurch’s book, “Tito” . . .

Killer ending! I’m excited to read what he will write next! I hear it might be a few years though. 😁

Then we watched a few 8 Passengers vlogs, until it was time to go pick up the two youth in our family.

Tonight, we stopped and took a photo of what looks like Paul’s first car that we bought when we were first married. The kids were shocked to see what it looked like. Seriously, why do kids assume their parents have always been well off?? I was proud to say that we loved his first car!!! And I’m not ashamed to admit it here either!

We came home to a pitch black neighborhood that allowed us to see the stars more easily. They were so bright tonight. Sadly my camera couldn’t capture them.

The kids danced on the back lawn, under the starry heavens, until I said, “Enough, let’s get to bed!” I hate being the party pooper but I wasn’t feeling so great.

I took a picture of the skyline, just before we went into the house. You can see that light is near, but not near enough to us. It is actually quite peaceful without power surging through the house. I had no idea how LOUD electricity can be!

I just hope it comes back on before my UPS battery runs out of power in 200 minutes. I better make the most of these minutes!!! I’m off to sleep!

Happy Wednesday,

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