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General Conference April 2019

Today was a GREAT day!

We enjoyed the day watching General Conference as a family. We missed Elder Whitchurch, but thankfully we had a few friends stop by to help us out. Sarah, Fran, and Spencer.

While Paul, Joy Boy and Spencer enjoyed the Priesthood Session at our home (in English), while the girls, Sarah, Fran, and I headed up the mountain to watch the setting sun. We hoped to find someplace to eat but the restaurants were all closed, so we stopped by Macho’s house (a friend of Fran’s). He has a dog, 2 mean geese (why are geese so mean and ugly?), and a talking green parrot.

We had a blast! Macho fed us a tortilla egg sandwich, yum! But my two girls were too nervous to accept one. So we left Macho’s home and headed to Parrillita de Pepe for French fries and naturales (all natural fruit drinks).

We ended the night with Sarah sleeping over. So I read to Curly Cook, to help her get her mind off of GingerSnap not sleeping in her room tonight. Joy Boy had a blast with “the men” (they had homemade hamburgers and ice cream 😋).

We really had a GREAT day!

Happy Saturday,

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