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One of those days . . .

Today was just one of those “Mom Days”. You know the kind I’m talking about. You had a plan but at every turn, something else demanded your attention.

Like helping my second oldest daughter face a yucky day, by helping her finally learn to make something she has been craving (rice pudding). But right as she is in the beginning stages of making it, her Spanish teacher arrives, so I’m left making it for her.

And just when I think I can get a shower, my sweet missionary emails me. I read it and immediately run to the computer to see if he is chatting online with me. Because . . .

He is sick with Bronchitis, in a foreign country, thousands of miles away, and he too is feeling pretty terrible. I wanted to cry for him and comfort him, but I knew my time was short with him, so I cut to the chase and did all I could to help him know how to better take care of himself.

Who knows how much he actually heard, only time will tell. (He’s been sick for two weeks, stuck in his pension. So he shared some pretty cool pictures with us. Check them out at his blog

Then I helped my youngest finish up her Language Arts lesson. Still no shower. Then my second son needed me to listen to him read, at the same time I helped the youngest with her spelling. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Great video about the Homeschool curriculum we use!

By this point, I knew going upstairs to shower was fruitless. So I spent the rest of the afternoon planning our 2019 – 2020 Homeschool curriculum needs and then touched base with my in-laws, making sure we had a place to sleep when we visit Utah this summer.

Paul came home, started work on taxes. We whipped up a delicious dinner of leftovers, while enjoying a FHE lesson on the priesthood. We had a special guest come and answer our panel of questions, found in the song “The Priesthood is Restored.”

I think everyone really liked the lesson. Even our guest speaker, President Whitchurch liked it so much, he was kind enough to prepare a dessert for our family to enjoy, as we watched a family video from when GingerSnap was 6 years old. 😋

One of my favorite “Mom videos” here!

So even though my day did NOT turn out the way I had thought it should, I guess it was exactly the day that I actually NEEDED it to be. Here’s to “Mom Days”.

Happy Monday,

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