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Thank You for the Prayers!

I feel fantastic! I wish I could handle feeling this way every day . . . but then how would one know what FANTASTIC really feels like?

Our missionary is on the up and up! He looks GREAT and he said that he is feeling SO MUCH better! Me too! After a rough few days of worrying, I finally found my bearings and held onto what I knew . . .

Although I have NEVER been a missionary mom before, I have been an 18 year old, trying to live my life the best I could, while striving to do what I felt Heavenly Father wanted me to. This week showed me that my son has to be given these opportunities too.

So instead of worrying, I chose to be strong and have lean on my faith in Christ.

I also CHOSE to trust in His plan, not mine. He knows what is truly going on, so I let go! 😅 It was hard, but I have been surrounded in the most AMAZING help!

I have had friends to talk to, a trip to Utah to plan, a quilt block to work on, I then had arrangements for our trip iron out 🤗, and I had FANTASTIC, humbling opportunities to see how I can improve the choices I am making, so that I can best access the blessings that I am in need of in my life.

I loved this quote I found today by Elder Renlund. It reminded me of his most recent General Conference talk. He spoke on this same topic. I felt the need to focus on living the gospel to bring me closer to the Lord, rather than living the gospel because I have to. It’s all about attitude!

So thank you Elder Whitchurch, for the opportunity to practice patience, hope, faith in Christ, love, a reason to pray, and gratitude for the little things . . . like a healthy son on his mission. It was a rough patch but I am SO THANKFUL for the help I received when I chose to apply gospel principles to see me through.

Happy Monday,

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