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Easter Saturday with the JAS – 2019

Our family had a fun day today, preparing for the JAS to come over (aka – the Young Single Adults from our Branch).

We prepared many things for them to do: swimming, ping-pong, frisbee, bocce ball, Wii Just Dance, and decorating Easter cookies, all while having a BBQ (parrillada).

But of all the things that they could choose to do, we were surprised that they just wanted to be with our family.

They went swimming, but let the two youngest join them too. They frosted cookies, but only took 3 or 4 each, leaving dozens for our family to enjoy. They enjoyed the BBQ but preferred to stay in the kitchen with Paul and I cooking, rather than use the Dining Room table, set just for them, to mingle and chat.

And they chose to play with our kids ALL night, whether it was on the trampoline, talking during dinner, playing Just Dance, or playing the piano, they included our kids in every moment.

I am profoundly touched by these young adult’s examples of respect, kindness, thoughtfulness, impeccable manners, and finding joy in the moment. I felt more blessed having them in my home, then I felt I was blessing them by hosting them here.

And in the end, they gave our family something we have been deeply missing . . . Elder Whitchurch’s youthful spirit in our home. We miss his perspective on life, his music, his way of living, his interacting with the kids, and especially his gentle way of treating others.

This group of kids reminded me SO MUCH of my son. I KNEW I was receiving a tender mercy. Maybe even one that Elder Whitchurch had been hoping we would receive.

Homesickness is rough. I know. I have been through it. I can only hope that Elder Whitchurch’s homesickness is less than our’s for him. Today REALLY helped us to feel him here again with is. What a perfect experience to have on today of all days.

We love and appreciate you Elder Whitchurch!

Happy “Spirit World” Saturday,

P.S. – check out an upcoming blog to understand what I mean about “Spirit World” Saturday. 😉

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