Costa Rica


It has begun! Rainy season. ☔️

It’s that time of year when Costa Rica gets extremely humid and muggy. My poor, desert raised body stresses out to the max in this weather. Paul loves it, I don’t.

Thankful our friend Spencer told us about this drink (not this flavor though, it’s GROSS!!!🤢)

It is a lot like Gatorade but with not as much sugar, and it loaded with electrolytes. We have tried a variety of flavors: blackberry, strawberry-kiwi, orange, lemon-lime, grape, Jamaica (my favorite!), apple, coconut (also gross!).

This drink has REALLY helped us to fight the bloating, sweatiness, and icky headaches that we get with the first heavy downpour of rainy season. We are blessed to know about this drink.

Thank you Spencer and Sofia!!!! Sorry we don’t like your favorite flavors. They’re gross guys. 😝 But you love us anyway. 😉

Happy Wednesday,

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