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Why are your pictures sometimes sideways on your blog?

Do you ever read this blog and find that some, or all, of the pictures are sideways?

Do you ever wonder if I am doing this on purpose? Or wonder why I don’t see it and fix the issue immediately?

Well, today I am going to answer these questions.

The reason the pictures are sideways is due to the setting I choose on my phone to take the pictures. If I choose PORTRAIT, then the pictures automatically download to the left, due to the app that I use on my phone to blog.

This app is called Word Press. I love this app because it has made it possible for me to more quickly and easily blog each day, without having to download pictures to my laptop, or even use my laptop at all!

I am just now starting to catch myself from using “portrait” photos when I blog. But I love them! They are so pretty!

So if I can’t prevent myself from using portrait photos, then I have to go to my laptop and select each “sideways” picture and reset it. I rarely have my laptop with me. Using my phone is so much faster! It IS the reason that I blog each day!

So until I figure this app out, or the company fixes this issue, please forgive me when you read a blog post that has sideways pictures. I don’t mean to cause you frustration. I’m just not aware that this has happened, because the app always shows that the pictures look like they downloaded just fine. 🤦🏻‍♀️ It is only when I take the time to read my own blog (which why would I do that if I just wrote it?) that I finally see that the pictures are wrong.

I’ll do better!

Thank you for your patience. I appreciate you! 😘

Happy Saturday,

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