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Sunday Tender Mercies

Last Sunday was a special day for me and my children. One of Joy Boy’s wishes was to see Music and The Spoken Word live. So we did!

I dropped the kids off at Temple Square, so they could go and get us seats, while I parked the car. Im grateful that I did this because the Tabernacle was packed to capacity. They only let me in because my kids were inside already.

It was an extra magical program because they were celebrating Memorial Day. I couldn’t help but shed a few tears. Afterward, Joy Boy met up with one of Paul’s cousin’s husbands. (That’s a mouth full). He had a few other singers with him, waiting to meet Joy Boy. They talked with him and also provided him with a newly released, signed cd. So cool!

Paul’s cousin is one of my dearest friends, so I wasn’t surprised that her husband was so generous and respectful of Joy Boy’s love for the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square. (They were at the wedding we attended on Friday at the Payson Temple.). He even looked right at us and sang to us during their closing song God Be with You Till We Meet Again.

After a beautiful tour of both visitor centers at Temple Square (I highly recommend the importance of family exhibit), we dashed over to attend the 11:30 sacrament meeting at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

I felt bad that we were cutting it so close, but when I heard the security guard, who was searching my bags, say that President Russell M. Nelson was in the meeting, I knew immediately why we were right on time, rather than early. My kids only had enough time to get a seat, let alone smile that President Nelson was on the stand. I liked that this happened, for it helped them to first show President Nelson proper respect but also allowed them to still keep their focus on why we were there, as well as why President Nelson was there . . . To renew our covenants with the Lord.

(My kiddos – May 2013)

After church (in which Joy Boy literally felt asleep he was so tired), we decided to head home, instead of return to the visitor’s center. On the way home, we stopped by the cemetery to pay respects to those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, as well as visit our loved ones.

We also drove by a few memorable places on the way home: The Scott’s house, our first home/neighborhood on Lanebrook Lane, my first and second jobs (this is the restaurant where I met/worked with Paul), my high school (where Paul and I attended school), the seminary building, and then home.

Next we took mandatory naps, ate a delicious dinner/dessert, and then we watched Ladies in Lavender with Grandma and Grandpa (I give it a 7.5). The kids snuggled up for the night, with plans to wake up, pack for the next house we are staying at, and then onto a full week of fun.

Happy Sunday,

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  • Allison Owen

    I overheard your daughter telling someone about Ladies in Lavender last night and she definitely is not a fan 😂

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