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Costa Rican Breakfast/Snack

I made something for breakfast this morning that I was given to eat almost 6 months ago.

My friend Fran’s dear friend made it for us for dinner one night, but I was craving it today for breakfast. So I ran to the local Super Viquez and purchased the eggs and corn tortillas that I would need.

After frying one side of each corn tortilla (in a pan that is sprayed with oil), you top the fried side of the tortillas, one with bean purée and the other with cheese. I used mozzarella today, it was super yummy but you can use any kind of cheese.

Then you fry an egg, any way you prefer, and put it on top of the cheesy tortilla. Then you close it shut, into a sandwich/quesadilla, and fry it on both sides.

It is the yummiest breakfast sandwich. I think I need to go and make one more!

Happy Wednesday,

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