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1 Minute, 4 Seconds

** That is all I could study this morning from President Nelson’s most recent talk to the women of the church last Saturday.

I had the BEST day yesterday!!! I received some answers to a prayer that I have been hoping, but not knowing, how I would receive. I also had the best feeling in many moments of my day, a feeling that I was living my life in a more “present” way and it felt great!

So great, that on looking back over my day, I could only see that one thing was “new/different” to my day and that was when I started my study of President Nelson’s talk.

Could doing this one thing, for maybe 40 minutes of my day, really have made that big of a difference in my day???

So I gave it another try today, but I only made it through one minute of his talk (3:04 – 4:08). His talk is SO POWER PACKED, I had to stop and look up a few words/phrases that he used because he said them in a way that I felt I should already know what they mean.

The word was VIRTUE and the phrase was “by the virtue of the Priesthood.” I didn’t know what either of them truly meant. So I decided to take a break from listening to President Nelson and instead do some investigating.

What I found richly blessed me and encouraged me to take a moment and answer some deeper questions.

Questions like:

  • What does “by virtue of the priesthood mean?
  • How has the temple taught me to “draw upon the gift of God’s Priesthood Power?
  • How does Christ tie into all of this?

Three FULL pages of notes, questions, and answers later, and I feel energized and ready to start a new day! It literally feels like exercising, but spiritual exercise. I feel spiritually invigorated and excited to face the challenges that will come.

I am truly grateful for these 👆🏻 two people being blessed to enter into my life right now. They have helped me to make my life so much better. I do not worship President and Sister Nelson; I appreciate and admire them for the inspiration that they have and continue to add to my life.

I am thankful for a living Prophet upon the earth. I am thankful that this is how Christ leads and directs the children of God upon the earth, as well as on the other side of the veil. I feel a source of light added to my lamp of truth, it is growing brighter and I need its brightness to see through the darkness in my life.

“God be thanked for the matchless gift of His Divine Son.”

Happy Wednesday,

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