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Meeting My Doctor

Well, I did it. I was scared to do this when I first researched what can happen when you visit a gastroenterologist. But I actually feel really good about today’s visit. We made a plan and I need to find a way to stick with it for the next 2 weeks.

That’s right. 2 weeks.

Thankfully not strictly on clear liquids (even though my friend Sarene told me that some people do this for up to 21 days🤦🏻‍♀️). I will be on a low fiber, no acid, and no dairy diet. Then, a couple days before our plan comes to pass, I’ll be back to clear liquids.

Why you might ask?

Well, it’s time for me to get a colonoscopy. 😱

I know. I sounds gross, embarrassing, and a bit painful, but many have assured me that it isn’t nearly as awful as it sounds. Yes, the drink you MUST drink is awful (my mom recommends everyone should drink it cold), but one really doesn’t have a choice. We need our bodies squeaky clean in order to “see” what is really going on in there.

I will also get a Gastroscopy. You know. It’s where they stick a camera down your throat. Both procedures will happen in the same, in office, fully sedated appointment. 👍🏻

I really owe a lot to my greatest blessing that has come over the last few weeks . . . my friend Sarene. I went to visit her in December, not realizing that she would be the one to encourage me and sent me in this direction without really knowing it. For she actually recommended my chiropractor, who recommended this sweet and gentle female gastroenterologist who has assured me that she is going to help me figure out my stomach issues, bloating, and hopefully my body odor problem once and for all! Yippee!

(🤦🏻‍♀️I honestly can’t believe I am sharing this on the internet, but. . . What if someone needs to know this too?)

The biggest blessing that is pushing me along this path, besides the INCREDIBLE support I am receiving from my husband, Sarene, and several others is the tingly feeling I am having from the tips of my fingers, up to my elbows, and then the top of head, down to my chin. This is detoxification due to me being on clear liquids and giving my body the chance to clean itself out.

I started to cry when I told the Doctor I didn’t want to eat because I didn’t know what foods were making me so sick. She calmly, and with a smile, explained that the liking of my colon and stomach that is inflamed and not cleaning itself properly can create the toxins that are making me so sick. This gave me joy and hope that soon I can feel better and actually have my hands and body back!!!

So. Here’s to adding some well cooked, peeled carrots, potatoes, yams, and celery greens (greens are for seasoning only) to my daily broth intake! I did have a bit of bread today but ouch, my body wasn’t ready for it yet.

Poco a poco Wendi!

Happy Eating and Living!

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