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Ready, Set, Go!

Sorry I haven’t written for a few days. I was on a much needed holiday with family who are visiting from the States. They invited us to join them, and their 3 children, to watch mother turtles bury their eggs in the sandy beaches of Ostinal, Costa Rica.

It was a fascinating experience for all of us! I assumed it would be a late night experience, but because the sun sets at 6 p.m. in Costa Rica, our 8:30 p.m. appointment was very enjoyable.

I think watching the mother turtle prepare her nest with a “thump, thump,” as hard as she could pack the sand down upon her eggs, and then a slosh of the sand beneath her belly to camouflage the sand to look normal, was my favorite part. My kids enjoyed watching the mother return to the sea.

The next day, after having a blast at the beach making sand castles, taking family photos of our visitors, and just enjoying the amazingly peaceful day. . .

We came upon an early arrival to the beach. It was 2 hours before the mama turtles normally start to arrive, so we were surprised to see her and 3 others on the beach. We watched this turtle make a u-turn, out and back into the sea, but I loved that my kids got to see a turtle up close during the day. It brought everything together for us!

But this morning I woke up feeling exhausted! I had a headache in the mid-early morning and had to drink a full blender bottle full of water and rest sitting up for 30 minutes before I could lay down again and finish my needed sleep.

I have been on a bland, no dairy, no grain, low fiber diet for over 10 days now. Each time I tried to eat a cracker or pita bread or even plain rice cakes, I got sick almost immediately. It will be interesting to learn “why” this is happening to me, as well as why my body could only eat these specific foods once a day: a banana, an avocado, 1 hard boiled egg, 1 mug of hot gelatin from white cranberry juice, a bowl of instant potato chicken broth slurry, an aloe vera drink, cold coconut water (pipa fría), and LOTS of water? That’s been my diet since a week ago Sunday. No wonder I am SO tired!

But I’m happy tired! 😊

I’m grateful for the strength I have been graced to endure these last 10 days. I am grateful for the opportunity to discover what is ailing me through modern medicine and a compassionate doctor.

I am also very grateful for 3 days of distractions before I venture into the unknown. So now, with only laxative mixed with juice and clear chicken broth to see me through the night, I’m off to see what cleaning my body brings. I started to drink this stuff at 5:45. I have had a “glass” once every 30 minutes, but so far nothing has happened. I do have grumbly movements and urges but nothing so far.

My Lubie Dubie 5 years ago. She was my snuggle partner every afternoon before I picked up the other kiddos from private school. I relish those days with her!

Did I mention that today also happens to be this munchkin’s birthday!!! What a cutie pie! I hope she had a fun day?!? We had breakfast crepes for dinner last night with our visiting family (well, I didn’t. I only prepared them). Then today, we took a ferry part way home from our field trip to see the turtles. I hope she has magical memories about this birthday!

It also happens to be our 5 year anniversary of moving to Costa Rica. We chose Curly Cook’s birthday on purpose so that we could easily remember this date! This was us, 5 years ago, flying on her birthday.

Today, 5 years later, we are still here. That was never part of my plan, but life has a way of taking us places we never thought we would go.

Well, it’s seems things are starting to work, so I’m going to go. I hope to fill you in tomorrow on what tomorrow brought.

Take care!

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  • Allison Owen

    I love the pictures! I’m so glad you got to spend time with your visitors 😉 The turtles are amazing! Tiff sent a video and it was fascinating!
    I’m glad the day is finally here and hope you get answers today!!

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