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Quarantine Day #56 – The Sillies

So, the kids are totally being more and more silly as the days go by. I’m so VERY thankful tomorrow has a planned drive to get out and about. But tonight. . . Well, just look.

It all started with Curly Cook wanting to have long hair.

So GingerSnap and Paul got to work helping her.

After a few different hairstyles, they thought they found one that she would really like.

She sure did get a lot of hair to work with. She said it felt really heavy.

I’m glad I could be of help. Then this happened.

My silly, silly kids!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!

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  • Allison Owen

    I’m dying over this 😂 Hilarious! She just isn’t Curly Cook without the curls so I’ve got to say nope on the long hair!!! But man your hair is way long! The last picture is hilarious 😆

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