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Runaway Day #2 – Fireflies

Well. Today I officially am sick and tired of quarantine!! I have tried my best to be super patient and wait until “this too shall pass”, but I’m over it.

So instead of just sitting around, letting yet another weekend lock me up in my home, I decided to run away. That’s right! I grabbed my purse, car keys, and a bottle of water and informed my family that I was “outta here! And if anyone wants to come, that’s up to you.”

They asked me where I was headed and I said, “To catch fireflies.” And I meant it!

Thankfully my entire family came with me. We left a bit earlier than we needed too, so we took the kids on a little “jungle adventure where the jaguars live”. Sadly, no jaguars were found, only a few rough dirt roads and a creepy path that few would drive on.

After driving around for over 75 minutes, we found what we were looking for. . . FIREFLIES!

The kids had a ball, running around, catching as many fireflies as they could catch with their parmesan cheese shaker jars.

It was fascinating to see them up close. Because there was a street light nearby, it made it easy for us to photograph these little beauties.

We were amazed at how the fireflies flew, almost like their wings are a hot air balloon and the lighted bulb part of the fireflies is the basket.

We had a blast being outside, away from the craziness of what is now called daily life. The kids were awesome and let their captured friends go, so we could get home before our mandatory 7:00 p.m. curfew.

Even though I wish this Pandemic was over already, I know it’s not and it won’t for many more weeks. So until it IS time, I hope and pray that we can continue to progress and grow and then look back on this time with some degree of fondness.

Until we too are able to fly our quarantine!

Happy Friday,

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