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My Last Mother’s Day . . .

Okay. Don’t worry. I haven’t resigned from being a mother. I’m just meaning that this will likely be my last USA Mother’s Day celebrated in Costa Rica. 🎉

Do you remember that Costa Rica’s Mother’s Day is actually August 15th – the same day as our family’s Homeschool Anniversary?

So although today will most likely be my last USA Mother’s Day, celebrated while living here, there is a downside. . . I will no longer get to celebrate 2 Mother’s Days each year.

I didn’t plan to blog the feelings I am having right now, but I just realized that I think I actually needed 2 Mother’s Days the last 5 years. Let me explain. . .

Normally, each Mother’s Day would feel like a looming expectation. It felt forced and even shameful if a certain standard of excellence was not met to prove to me, or any other mother around us, that they were indeed being celebrated/revered on Mother’s Day.

Then fast forward to living here, and August would come around and everyone here would also make a BIG DEAL about Mother’s Day, but it felt more like a celebration of gratitude, of joy found in being able to just say they love and celebrate motherhood. The day actually had a harmony to it. 🌸

Then in 2016, we missed celebrating Mother’s Day in May all together . . . but the world didn’t come to an end and I didn’t stop loving my family, nor did they stop loving me! Nor did I stop loving the mothers in my life. 🌸

When we started to celebrate, in 2017, that our Homeschool Anniversary was on August 15th, we couldn’t avoid everyone around was celebrating Costa Rica’s Mother’s Day. While we focused spending the day celebrating our Homeschool even existing in the first place, everyone would comment how blessed we are that we have a mother in our family. This has actually had a profound affect on me,

So as the years have passed on, as both Mother’s Days have come and gone, I have been blessed to realize, more and more, the true value of what Mother’s Day means to me. . .

As Joy Boy would say, “Mothers are our world!” 🌎 And I agree! Without a mother in our family, how else could the Lord have blessed my family the way He has? And without the mothers in my life, how could I be strengthened and encouraged to be so bold and so brave to do what I never thought I could do? Like love in a foreign country AND homeschool my 4 uniquely different children!!!!

So now, as my last Mother’s Day while living in Costa Rica is coming to an end, having been celebrated in a true and genuine way with: simple memes that made me laugh (by GingerSnap), adorable cards and paper flowers made by my youngest two, a spontaneous video chat with my oldest son (who happened to call right as the kids were recording a song for their grandmother), 2 delicious meals made by my help meet and best friend in life, and to top it all off – incredible homemade, Boston cream pie mini eclairs !!!!!. . . I relish being a mother. ❤️

For I know that motherhood is part of a GREATER plan. One I might not truly understand for decades to come. But I can feel it now and I pray to hold onto this feeling forever. 🤞🏻

But my night couldn’t truly come to an end, without first listening to my own mother share her profound gratitude that all of her children contacted her and told her that they loved her. . . And a few of her grandchildren even sang to her. Her greatest hopes came true today and she said that she knows that each of these moments were miracles from God, just for her. I know they were too! 🌸

So although life is a bit messy and uncertain right now . . . What a JOY it is to stop and take a moment to remember how profoundly blessed I really am!

May “God be thanked for the matchless gift of His Divine Son.”

Happy Sunday/Mother’s Day,

P.S. – Fun Memes from GingerSnap

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  • Allison Owen

    Happy Mother’s Day!! You are such an amazing mom and your family IS so lucky to have you! I love the angel picture 😍 and the memes are hilarious!!

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