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Throwback Thursday – Pioneer Trek March 2020 – Whitti Wendi
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Throwback Thursday – Pioneer Trek March 2020

Well, now that I am back to blogging each day, I have had the opportunity to look over past photos of moments that I would actually love my family to treasure.

One such day was just this last March, when Curly Cook got a brilliant idea to change our regularly scheduled routine for homeschool that day, and instead hold an impromptu Pioneer Trek.

I honestly didn’t expect it to work out, so I prepared myself for anarchy and woe.

Instead, I was DELIGHTFULLY surprised as I watched my older kiddos, not only help Curly Cook gather all the needed supplies, but also WILLINGLY get dressed AND HAPPILY participate in her impromptu Pioneer Trek. . .

Complete with walking “miles and miles” in our backyard . . .

Eating a homemade meal, out on the prairie . . .

And finally wrapping up the day with taking a 20 minute online knife safety class and then using those newly taught skills to whittle soap.

I must say, I was profoundly proud of my kids working together so that this experience could even happen. It was definitely a Mother’s Pay Day!! Well done, my good and faithful kiddos. Mom sure does love you!!! 💕

Happy Thursday,

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  • Allison Owen

    I love this so much!!! Your kiddos are so creative! They are the cutest little “pioneers” ever! 😍

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