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Runaway Day #3 – Orosi Valley

So fun fact about me. . .

I have a current goal to drink at least 4 of these blender bottles, filled with water, each and every day.

I actually was doing a fantastic job keeping this goal, until the clouds and humidity rolled into Costa Rica. Now my body is constantly not feeling like drinking anything, because it is constantly swimming and breathing watery air. πŸ€ͺ But . . . I must keep this goal in order to stay kidney healthy! (Prayers would be gratefully appreciated.)

Well . . . We did it!!! We RAN AWAY, yet again, and found ourselves in the gorgeous Orosi Valley. It was a swift drive, due to lighter than usual traffic, and while we rode, we enjoyed our time together with a little out-loud book reading by none other than . . . Me!

GingerSnap, Joy Boy and I adore Eleanor H. Porter. She has written amazing books like Pollyanna, Dawn and Just David. If you haven’t read these books yet (the movie doesn’t count) we highly recommend them to you! We started another book of her’s called The Story of Marco.

Sadly, when we arrived at the infamous Orosi Valley look-out point, it was taped off due to the Pandemic πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ. So we couldn’t take a family photo. But this is what it looked like a year ago. Paul wasn’t feeling so great, so we decided to swap seats. This was perfect timing for me because I was able to truly take in the sights of this gorgeous valley!!

We drove over the infamous hanging bridge and then arrived at a favorite and beloved stop we have made on several previous occasions. GingerSnap stayed with her dad in the car, while the rest of us climbed out and enjoyed looking through the grating, as we walked across the hanging bridge that allows people from one town, get to another town much faster.

The views were truly good and beautiful!!!

Curly Cook took my challenge to try and do a cartwheel on this moving bridge. Nicely done!

As I took this photo, I realized just how quickly time has flown by. These two literally have grown up while living here. When we first visited this bridge, they were only 8 and 6 years old. Now they are as old as GingerSnap was when we moved to this country. Makes a mom’s heart stop for a moment. Ouch.

As we got ready to leave the bridge, I noticed that some people were fishing, or at least enjoying themselves while they sat on the big rocks, near the edge of the river. It looked like an ideal, and safe distancing, location to enjoy our picnic lunch. So we found a pull-off “park” that only charged us 2 mil ($3.57) to use “their property” to park near the river and relax for awhile.

Paul stayed in the car and slept, while we enjoyed the picnic lunch he and Curly Cook had packed for us.

The cookies I blogged about this last Wednesday are AMAZING! If you like peanut butter cookies, these are low in sugar and just as yummy! Trust a peanut butter cookie lover.

I thoroughly enjoyed the views around us . . .

while GingerSnap enjoyed relaxing . . .

and the kiddos threw rocks into the river. It’s kind of sad, but I was actually concerned the “rock throwing police” might show up and stop us at any moment, declaring that throwing rocks into the river is bad because it hurts the river. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ It’s sad, but kind of true. I feel that this is what the world is coming to. How do we know what is safe, or acceptable to do anymore?!?!

Thankfully GingerSnap got up, right about then, and started throwing rocks too. I basked in the joy of the moment, for right now, we were somewhere where throwing rocks is “allowed” and no one is stopping them. I’m grateful I could see it at least one more time. 😘

The clouds finally rolled in (something we had been anticipating), so we quickly packed up and got into the car, just as it started to rain. Unfortunately Paul was woken up, but he simply commented that we made it in the nick of time.

We considered using the “bathroom” at this private property but Curly Cook decided to wait. Boy are we glad! Because the Walmart, only an hour away, had the CLEANEST bathrooms we have ever seen at a Walmart in Costa Rica.

Although this was a wonderful privilege for our family, it also made me a bit sad and then grateful that our friends and family got to at least experience the dirty, “normal side” of Costa Rica. Because only time will tell how far this Pandemic will affect each of our lives as we once knew them.

Maybe Costa Rica will actually have clean, acceptable bathrooms from now on?!? 😱

Happy Friday,

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