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Quarantine Day #74 – Exhausted!

It’s late, and I’m exhausted. But I have a couple minutes before I close my eyes for the night. So I thought I would simply share this day with you.

The kids are gradually starting to feel better.

I’m relieved. So relieved that I felt I should push the kids to finish recording their memories on the backs of their table-runners. I don’t know why. They still have 4 more Sundays here, but time will tell why I felt this urge to fully complete them today!

And they thankfully did!!!! This makes me even MORE relieved!!! They did have one last step to complete, before they could be “graduated” from this project. They needed to take pictures of each memory square and then put those pictures on their FamilySearch account.

This way, if anything did happen to their new treasures, they can at least still access their truth from their private FamilySearch accounts. And that is an extra feeling of relief right there.

After the kids finished up their last task, we ended our evening listening to Saints 2, while we each doodled on our iPads. I like this app that the kids showed me. It is actually satisfying and helps relax me after a long, tiring day.

And now that I’m snug in my bed, I’m feeling profoundly grateful for my family’s rich blessings. We have a roof over our head, clean clothes to wear, electricity to help dehumidify the house when it rains and fans to leave on to help keep us cool, a beautiful property to walk around and collect peacock feathers (Curly Cook found 25 today), and now a comfy bed to sleep in – that is all mine! I am truly richly blessed!

We also were blessed with delicious food to eat today. Brazilian Lemonade, fresh green beans, a side dish mix of rice and corn, and to top it all off, Paul made us chicken piccata. It was divine! Not one bite was leftover. Yum!

Happy Sunday,

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  • Allison Owen

    Iā€™m so glad you guys are feeling a little better!! I love love love that you are writing your memories on the backs of your table runners!! And how fun to be able to gather peacock feathers! What a unique experience you have had living there!

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