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Runaway Day #4 – Irazu Volcano

So last week we ran away again, but we failed to blog about it because it was the same day that Peaches died. Sharing that moment was a much more important!

But now it’s time to share our fun family journey that happened last Thursday. After first having a morning funeral, and then taking some time to take care of our home, we packed up a lunch and jumped into the car for a much needed break from being on house arrest!!

Before we ran away very far from our home, the kids coaxed us into stopping by our favorite empanada shop and grabbing a few snacks for the road. Beef, chicken, and a spicy potato empanada were chosen, as well as a chocolate dulce de leche donut, and a cream-filled pastel! These seem to be the favorite delights. And boy was everyone delight-full afterwards!!

Our destination for this runaway trip was to the top of the Irazu Volcano. This journey took us on a gorgeous 90 minute drive, up twisting roads that were covered in growing foods like: potatoes, broccoli, lettuce, etc. It was truly a joy to observe.

But it was rainy. So rainy that the clouds enveloped us and made us feel like we were near the edge of the world.

As we piled out of the warmth of our car, and pulled on our jackets, we breathed in the icy, cold air. Then we made a brisk walk to this beautiful view, after using the freezing cold restrooms. 🥶

Everywhere we looked it was stunning!

Even the landslide into the volcano was amazing to behold!

Then this lonely, old homeless lady came strolling up to the kids. She saw they were playing with her rocks. The kids wanted to see if they could stack them into a tower. The woman patiently watched them and then . . .

She posed for a picture with them. She was SUPER impressed with their rock stacking skills. 😉 So impressed, she didn’t knock it over when they walked away from it.

There were other rock towers around, so she must really enjoy having the rocks played with. ☺️

I sure do love this kid right here!!! It’s her 16th birthday this weekend. She was planning to be in Paris, France 🇫🇷 for her birthday . . . then Covid-19 came to play. But she won’t let it stop her!

She has BIG hopes and dreams!!!!

As we were leaving the park, Paul read this sign and laughed. I don’t know! Is it funny?

Apparently me stopping to take a picture of these 👇🏻 AMAZING clouds was, because I found several pictures of me doing this in the photo album for this trip. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Do you blame me for taking SO MANY photos? I’m really going to miss these vistas!!!

We had an enjoyable ride back to our part of Costa Rica, all while listening to our newest read out-loud book – “The Story of Marco”. Then after a few grocery store stops, we ate dinner at our favorite Caribbean food restaurant. It was the first time we ate out as a family, sitting down in a restaurant, since February!!!! Boy was it fun!

Happy Wednesday,

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  • Allison

    What an adventure! I was afraid the clouds would block your view!! I’m glad it didn’t!!! That is some amazing rock stacking!!! And what a cute homeless lady! 😂 I’m glad you guys could get out!

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