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One Last Trip – Day 3 . . . The Birthday Girl! 🎈 🎈

So . . . This one had a birthday while on our trip!

She was actually the reason we even took one last trip. Her birthday wish this year was to not be at home for her birthday. She was actually supposed to be in Paris, France today, but COVID-19 changed our plans.

So Paul and I did the next best thing and reached out to everyone we knew to find a place we could stay that was “away from home.” A dear family we have known since our very first trip to Costa Rica, in November 2011, helped us out. They truly made this birthday one to be remembered!

GingerSnap started her morning off with an early morning birthday phone call from her maternal grandma, along with a delicious breakfast of crepes, extra crispy turkey bacon, and orange juice.

After our morning home church services were through, we ate one of her favorite meals for lunch . . . Hamburgers!!! 🍔 Then the kids couldn’t wait any longer and begged her to open her birthday gifts. Joy Boy wrote her an adorable birthday poem and handmade her the most amazing teddy bear.

Curly Cook also made GingerSnap a birthday card, complete with a poem she thought she would enjoy and a picture of her “boyfriend” on the back! Then GingerSnap opened her gift . . . A trophy for being the BEST SISTER EVER!!! Curly Cook designed and helped make it herself (with a little help from her Dad).

Then GingerSnap opened “her” gifts to herself. She bought herself a new watercolor bullet journal, a gently used pair of AirPods, and she also gave herself a favorite chocolate bar she had saved to be eaten today! She is so good to herself! 💕

After lunch, and a happy birthday hello from her big brother and her paternal grandparents, we enjoyed another favorite movie of her’s. Then it was time to go to dinner at our friend’s house.

They surprised us all with their house decorated for her birthday, as well as delicious cherry turnovers for a birthday dessert, complete with a boastful birthday serenade and candles!!! We had a BLAST! I think GingerSnap did too!

Happy Birthday Spanish teen!!! You are official ten and six years old. We are so very happy for you!


Mom and Dad 💕

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