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One Last Trip – Day 4 – Ponderosa Adventure Park 🦒 🦓 – Whitti Wendi
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One Last Trip – Day 4 – Ponderosa Adventure Park 🦒 🦓

Today was a BLAST!!! We were able to meet up with 2 really fun friends and spend the morning with them at the Ponderosa Adventure Park. First stop, African Safari Tour!

We all climbed onto an open-air trailer that drove us through the habitats of some amazing African animals. The animals were very happy to see us and were excited to be fed the carrots we had for them to eat. We especially enjoyed seeing a newly born baby zebra!

But the animal we didn’t expect to be very friendly, surprised us terribly. Ostriches! Who knew they could be so aggressive?!? I sure didn’t. I felt terrible. Here’s the story . . .

Sweet Joy Boy didn’t have any carrots to feed them, so I took my handful of broken up carrots and tried passing them to him. But an ostrich saw my carrots and attacked Joy Boy’s neck before he could take them into his hand. It all happened lightening fast!

Thankfully ostriches don’t have teeth, so he didn’t get hurt, but he was stunned. I felt so terrible he had that experience because of me. I had no idea ostriches were so snake-like and could attack rapid fire fast!

But I got it back, in the end. Next came the giraffe habitat. Their heads are SO HUGE!!! They freak me out because they literally fill up the trailer with just their heads coming in to eat carrots.

And their tongues . . . Don’t get me started!! Not only were they gray and eel like, they were soooo long and could grab anything by wrapping their tongue around the object they wanted; even someone’s hand or an ear. Yuck!!!

One giraffe got a bit too friendly with GingerSnap. He wanted her bag of carrots. Once she realized why he was staying right in her face, she tossed the bag behind her, right where I was sitting!!!!!!

This giraffe didn’t care who fed it, it just wanted those carrots!! So it got right in my face and searched diligently to find that bag of carrots. Yep . . . It won!!!

But we ALL got a GREAT laugh out of it!!! All of us did!!! I haven’t laughed that hard in a very long time!!! Boy did it feel great, after it was all over! 🤣🤣🤣

Even Joy Boy thought it was super funny to watch this giraffe get right up into my personal space!

Paul didn’t mind the giraffes. He thought they were magnified creatures. Not me! They were living dinosaurs trying to dominate me. 😳😳😳

After our hilarious African Safari Tour, we buckled up for a quick zip line through the jungle. It was a blast to do this fun activity together with our friends. GingerSnap took the option of going upside down over the last line that took us over a waterfall. She’s awesome like that!!

After our fun morning of laughter, tears, and memory making, we said good-bye to our friends and drove into Liberia to pick up an uncommon lunch for us . . . Papa John’s take-out pizza. The kids loved this special treat. We never get pizza to-go, but Paul and I felt it was appropriate and gave into the indulgence. We then enjoyed listening to the kids relive the adventures from that morning! Totally worth the price of a couple pizzas!

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and just being away from our regular routine. It was really one FANTASTIC day!!!

Happy Monday,

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