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One Last Trip – Day 6 – Driving Restriction Day

So, today was our restricted driving day. That meant we weren’t going to be able to go anywhere today. So, we enjoyed where we were staying and decided that the kids and Paul should go horseback riding one last time before we leave the next day to go back home.

Our 2 friends from Monday’s adventures joined them, and they had fun . . . riding in the rain!

But no one seemed to mind. They were all just grateful to have the opportunity once more to get on the horses they loved and make another memory. How Paul took pictures while riding, I’ll never know. He is just that good with doing two things at once.

After their memorable ride through the wet rainforest jungle trails, they all came inside for an easy lunch of crispy pulled pork bean burritos. Our friends loved them! We chatted with them for quite awhile. Then they offered to take GingerSnap home with them, so they could give her a hair trim. One of them is a beautician.

I knew that this little trip would most likely end in a sleepover, so I began to prepare what the rest of us could do together for the rest of the afternoon/evening. Paul had some work to do, so the Littles and I started a movie marathon.

We never do this, so it was a real treat for all of us!!! We watched: Moana, Trolls, the live action Cinderella, and then I let each of them choose a personal show to watch while Paul and I talked.

We ended our night with GingerSnap stopping by for some personal items to help her have the sleepover we had expected to happen. It felt like the end to a perfectly acceptable last vacation day. Here’s to one last night on vacation!

Happy Wednesday,

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