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Q-Day #89 – Clean Rooms vs. Packed Rooms?

So, today was a sticky, muggy, water-logged, hot like a hot house on a warm, sunny summer’s day kind of day.

I wanted proof of how yucky it was today, and I found it!! We live in between two cities. My weather app proves that today was a VERY HUMID day! Oh how I miss Guanacaste!

I actually had GREAT plans today. Sadly I was up until 2 a.m. because my mind was on a super fast, non-stopping rollercoaster ride of problem prevention. I finally got out of bed at 11:30 p.m. and tried to write some of my thoughts down, but it didn’t help. It took a sincere and heartfelt prayer at 2 a.m. for me to finally fall asleep. I woke at 8:45 a.m. thinking . . .

“Is this relocation process going to be like last time?”

I feared the worst this morning. I can still remember how difficult it was to relocate to Costa Rica, but I fought to push through it. I did my morning exercises and yoga, but when the yoga got to be too challenging, I cried like a toddler who is frustrated and wants someone to save them.

All I kept saying to myself was, “I don’t want to go through this. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to leave Costa Rica this way. This is too hard. Too difficult.”

But I never gave up. Even though these words sound defeating, I have a resolve to do it anyway and I saw that today! It actually really helped me to know this about myself. So although I struggled ALL morning long, until 1:30 pm., in the end I was actually grateful I had had the experience.

Could the episode have been caused by a lack of sleep? Or lack of a better diet/not drinking enough water? Maybe. But I don’t regret what I went through today. For once I realized I wasn’t stuffing my feelings but acknowledging them with a conviction to do my best, regardless of if I like what I need to do or not, a sense of peace washed throughout me.

Then the calls started to pour in. More like voice memos. But each one was there for me in just the way I needed them. I was given insight to what I was already feeling about myself, and the messages encouraged me to face these fears and see what may come from this battle we are in. It was truly a miracle and I acknowledge it wasn’t my doing, nor did any of these women know what I was going through before they contacted me (Tiff, Allison, Jennifer, Meghan – you were angels today!)

After getting ready for the day, or afternoon/evening, I decided to do something nice for myself and clean my bedroom, even though I knew “downstairs packing” was still waiting for me. I wondered what the kids would say once they saw me? I told them yesterday that we would start packing the homeschool room today.

But as I left my bedroom I noticed that their bedroom doors were shut? I didn’t disturb the silence in the house, and instead sought out to collect cleaning supplies, as well as some much needed nourishment. But the cleaning supplies were gone?

The kids heard me downstairs and came looking for me. They all had a “surprise” for me!!!

First the girls showed me what was behind their closed door. It was a very clean, newly arranged bedroom! I was delighted. They also had gone through their things and separated what needed to go in the shipping container with what they want to take with them on the airplane.

Next was Joy Boy’s room. He too did what the girls did, with the help of GingerSnap. Oh how I love that girl!! She was truly a help to us all today. She is my bestest friend and another angel for me today!

Even though I had planned to start packing the homeschool room today, I actually feel we all needed to clean our rooms instead. Just the feeling in the house alone was worth it. And even more important, now when we go through the homeschool room stuff, we’ll all really know what to take with us and what we should ship.

Miracles are all around us, if only we would be open to seeing them! Like me finally being able to grow out my fingernails!!

Happy Monday,

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  • Allison

    I’m so proud of you for pushing through the hard feelings! This is A HARD thing you are doing and I think you are handling it amazingly well!! And what a blessing to have your kids clean and organize there rooms!! Yay!! Keep going you’ve got this!! ❤️❤️❤️

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