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Q-Day #97 – and He’s Off!! ✈️

After 10 weeks of waiting patiently, in Utah, for another chance to serve the Lord as a missionary, HE LEFT US AGAIN!!

Look at this dapper man. He is wearing his favorite “transfer/special occasion tie” that he got from his Dad’s closet 18 months ago. I must admit, this day was a bittersweet moment.

On one hand I was grateful to not be as near to the energy he was feeling, being nervous and excited all at the same time. But oh how I wanted for him to feel of our confidence and faith in him that he can do this and he has opportunities waiting for him that he will be so happy he had!

But just look at this face! It’s a face of hopeful confidence and opportunities on the horizon. This photo moment made up for us not being able to be there. I think it will be one of my most favorite pictures of my son on his mission!

But when this photo was sent to us, that was when I was truly grateful we weren’t there! Saying good-bye to him all over again would have been more than I could bare right now! I hope this photo will always remind me just how blessed I am to only handle what I can handle, with the Lord’s help of course.

We all look forward to hearing about his missionary work again. It was SO GOOD to see him wearing a white shirt and tie and his name tag yesterday. I’m looking forward to next P-Day!

Welcome Home Elder Whitchurch!!! We love you! 💕

Happy Tuesday,

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  • Allison

    I love love love that picture! I agree with everything you said about it!! He is ready for this and is going to be amazing!!!

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