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Test Run!

Today was moving day . . . Again!

We felt it important to take the RV on a test run this weekend, before we head out on our long trip this Monday.

It was recommended to be close to familiar help for your first few experiences using your RV.

So we chose to go to a nearby Sam’s Club/Walmart and boondock for the night in their parking lot.

First we got permission from the store manager. Thanks Tracy! Then we had an AMAZING DINNER and relaxing evening at Aunt Allison’s house. (This family means so much to us!💕 Thank you!!)

Then we said our temporary goodbyes and boarded the RV for the night!

On our way to our boondocking sure, we made a quick stop to make sure the RV was filled with plenty of diesel fuel so we can test out the generator we will be using on this trip. Then we made camp for the night.

I must say, there is a sweet peace in the air tonight. After a family prayer and our nightly CFM discussion, a feeling of gratitude came that said we can be thankful that we even get to be having this type of experience.

I’m grateful for so many hands who have lifted up our tired and downtrodden hearts, fed us, encouraged us, served us, donated to our cause, scolded us (out of love and protection), and loved us despite the craziness of what life is like for us right now.

I know God loves me and my family because He is making sure that each of these people have the time they need to do His work for our family. And this makes me feel Him close to us all. Because of Him, we get to be and do and become all we were meant to be! I’m so grateful to Him.

Happy Friday,

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  • Allison

    I’m so glad you could come spend some time with us!! We all love you!! And I’m glad you survived your first night in the RV! 😊

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